What Makes Our Boobs Happy: Staff Picks Vol. II

There’s a question we ask ourselves on the regular here at True&Co.: are my boobs happy? After all, we’re dedicating our hearts and souls to making your boobs happy; how good could we be if our own boobs weren’t loving life? Here are some of the things that make our boobs happy — from cute bras to summer sunshine.  

"Scotch! And yoga. Stretches the muscles" — Michelle  

"Cute bras that give me support but let's me forget that I'm wearing one; small boobies need to defy gravity, too! A nice little lift without crazy push-up gives a little confidence boost. When they can breathe on a hot summer day. Sweaty boobs = unhappy boobs" — Rachel  

"Chips and wine. Date night ;)" — Anda  

"Lightweight comfort. Bras that float on your body. Anything that helps shape my boobs (like removable pads!) Black bras —  black makes any bra feel a little sexier (including True Body!)" — Tiffany  

"A warm bath." — Pheng  

"For me... Happy Boobs = zero nipple scratching via my bra Happy Boobs = no pointy, 1950's, cone-shaped boobs Happy Boobs = minimal-no underwire for less agony after a long day Happy Boobs = freeing the nips any day of the week" — Lauryn  

"Not bouncing. When my boobs stay in one spot!" — Becky  

"Satin fabric." — Julia    

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