True Body Is Like A Vacation For Your Boobs

Oh hey. Welcome back. Have a good long weekend? Us, too. Except for the whole summer-officially-coming-to-an-end thing. That’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it…  

Well, we’ve got some good news. You may be working on the whole summer’s-end acceptance thing, but your boobs don’t have to. In fact, they straight up didn’t get the memo that summer’s over. Because when you wear True Body, your boobs basically feel like they’re still on vacation.   Why? Because True Body bras are all about the feel naked, but better comfort. When you wear them to work, it’s kind of like being braless (but with some smoothing and support). And nothing says summer more than going bra-free, whether you’re rocking a halter top or going skinny dipping.  

So give your boobs a break. You may be back at work, but the girls can still feel like they’re OOO. And there’s nothing better than crushing a board meeting while feeling as comfortable as you did on that last epic beach day of the season.      

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