Reasons Why We Embrace Body Confidence

Women’s issues have been in the spotlight lately. Past expectations and stereotypes are being questioned by a wider audience as we take a closer look at what is best for ourselves, and for women everywhere. At True and Co., we want to find solutions for our customers’ needs and wishes. But it’s our passion to support and strengthen women inside and out. Here are some self love reminders to help you feel like the amazing woman that you are. =

We All Experience Emotional Ebb and Flow, and That’s Okay

We all have our good days and bad days. There’s an unrealistic expectation that we must strive to attain an almost nirvana-like state in regards to how we feel about our bodies. And much as we’d like to completely purge negativity from our lives, doing so is a whole lot easier said than done. We all have less-than-pretty thoughts about our bodies, and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for your ups and downs. After all, we’re striving for progress, not perfection.  

Self Acceptance Isn’t Black or White

It’s often the messy, imperfect things in life that give it beauty and color. Real life isn’t all hate or love, and it’s the same for our body image. There’s often a gray area of meh that fills in the majority of our days. True body confidence accepts the positive and negative and makes it much easier to acknowledge how we’re feeling about our bodies and step closer to the thoughts we want. Your body is uniquely yours, and it’s the individual differences that allow you to be the motivated, brilliant person that you are. Try thinking of your body as a vehicle that allows you to achieve a fulfilled life, rather than a flat stomach. Let’s work together to move the focus away from our breasts and butts to our lives, dreams, and goals. One small way that we are shifting perspectives away from body perfection and towards self love and appreciation is to choose bras, underwear and lingerie that are comfortable, supportive, and most importantly, make us feel amazing. We designed our True Body Collection and other gorgeous lingerie pieces with you in mind. Choose your favorites based on your unique needs and style.

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