Are You Wearing A Bra?

We’ve got some exciting news: we made our bestseller even better. How? Simple—you asked us to! Say hello to True Body Triangle Convertible Straps. It features the same buttery-soft, barely-there fabric you love about True Body, and now comes with super comfy and easy to conceal convertible straps. More versatility? Yes, please! With our original True Body, we created a bra that made you feel naked, but better. And thanks to your feedback, we gave it skinnier, even more discreet straps for a bra that’s damn near invisible.

Whether you’re in the mood to wear True Body Triangle Convertible Straps as is or in racerback style—the choice is yours. Simply crisscross the straps to switch up your style in seconds. Wear it with any tank, cami, and summer dress. The bra’s triangle cut is low enough to disappear under scoop and V-neck tops. Now that we’ve combined True Body, the bra that disappears under clothes, with skinny, convertible straps—they’ll all be wondering: are you wearing a bra?