Our First Year

Happy Birthday to the Girls. As we look back on a wonderful first year together - from the most popular cup sizes to the number of bras an average woman owns - we thank you, dear reader, for inspiring us to create a better way to shop for bras.

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Before True&Co.

3 Bra Shopping Avoidance Tactics

Ingenious ways we women have delayed the visit to the fitting room.

So we created a better bra shopping experience

No Fitting Rooms, No Measuring Tape.

it is simple

Get fitted online in 2 minutes.

Try 5 bras at home risk-free.

We Learned A Lot

In May 2012 we set out to change how women shopped for bras. Here’s what you told us:

We Do Our Homework - Only 1 in 7 Bras Passes our fit Evaluation process.

Meet The Press

See the punniest headlines over the last year.
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In Good Company

Take a look inside True HQ to see what our team is into.

Best Bra Practices

Discover your next favorite bra now that True&Co. is here to stay.

Thank you for a great year!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you fitted into beautiful bras!

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