All About True Body Lift

The newest member of our True Body Collection, True Body Lift is like the perky younger sister. Boasting up to 1 inch of extra lift, this seamless, wireless bra is just as comfortable as the True Body bras you know and love... but with a little something extra.  

Perfection doesn’t come easy though. After 4 months of testing to achieve the perfect shaping stretch fabric we were still our own toughest critics. In fact, 90% of the True&Co. team hated the looks of this bra at the beginning. 90% of them are wearing it regularly now. Try one and we bet we can convert you, too.

And don’t think we forgot about our BBBs. This style is also available in a True Body Lift Full Cup for our favorite babes with DD-DDDs. Because everyone wants all day comfort that doesn’t flatten you out.

It’s time to rise and shine, girls!

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