All About Alice

An Inside Look At Our Most Comfortable Bra, Ever.   

What goes into building a better bra? Is it ingenuity, intuition, or simply a flash of inspiration? For us, it’s a little bit of everything… plus a whole lot of input from women like you. What kind of bra do you want to wear? What makes a bra great, versus simply good?   All of those thoughts, from us, and from you, went into making Alice. Alice was created as our go-to, super comfortable bra that we could wear when, really, we’d rather not wear a bra at all. It was inspired by those days when we found ourselves wearing sports bras to work, because dealing with wires and straps just felt like too much. Alice was created to be as soft and comfortable as your standard sports bra, plus pretty sheer mesh details and center stitching that flatters your shape, versus flattening you out (and prevents the dreaded monoboob). We made a BBB edition with wider straps for more support.      

It was a good start. But we wanted to take it a step further. Alice was undeniably cute, but could we make her a genuinely pretty bra, too?

That led to Alice Premium. Same easy fit, pullover feeling; new silky, special occasion-worthy fabric. Neutral tones make Alice an obvious choice under light colored tees and tanks. And the silky smooth fabric, in addition to looking gorgeous, slides under your tops, instead of clinging to them.  

You asked, we answered. Now tell us: what bra can we create for you now? Share with us on Twitter @trueandco_us!

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