What Bra Should I Wear? Alice vs. True Body

Way back in the early True&Co. days, we heard a resoundingly consistent piece of feedback from our amazing community of women: we want a bra that feels like not wearing a bra. So we made Alice, a super soft, jersey cotton bra that supports and shapes without flattening you out. We called it the most comfortable bra, ever. But we wanted to get even closer to naked. That led to True Body, a collection of bras that let you feel naked, but better, thanks to buttery soft, barely-there fabric that hugs your curves and shows off your natural shape. Now the question is: when should you wear each bra? We’ve put together a handy cheat sheet to help you pick which comfortable bra you’d like to wear today.  

You’re Going To Yoga, Then Out For Drinks:

Alice. Alice features moisture-wicking jersey fabric and just enough support to carry you through downward dog, three ways. Pretty sheer details make are worth showing off under your yoga tank when you grab a glass of wine after. 

You’re Grabbing a Morning Coffee, Then Indulging in a Cozy Couch Day:

True Body Scoop Neck. This is the kind of bra you’ll never want to take off — one of our team members admitted that she’d left hers on for days at a time because it was so comfortable. Our Scoop Neck is light, thin, and barely there...which just enough shaping to look great under your weekend wear (or all on its own).

You’re Going To Work, Then Sneaking Out For a Summer Friday Hike:

Alice. Alice was designed to have the supportive, comfortable benefits of a sports bra, plus shaping details that actually looks good under clothes (no monoboob!). Alice is absolutely office-wear friendly, and will have you ready to transition straight into a summer afternoon adventure outdoors.

You’re Rocking A Flowy Sundress That Shows Off Your Bra: True Body V Neck. We’ve said it before — True Body is the ugliest bra… that looks amazing on. The curve-hugging simplicity of the True Body silhouette makes it the perfect bra to show off under your loose, flowy summer dresses and tops, and our V Neck features double layers of buttery soft fabric for a little extra shaping and support. We’ve been thinking of it as a base-level crop top that works under everything from overalls to plunging necklines. 

How are you wearing Alice And True Body? Share your summer styles with us on Instagram #trueandco

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