A Day in the Life of Alice

We’ve had countless conversations with women that told us they were wearing a sports bra as their daily bra. They were tired of uncomfortable underwire and figured that they may as well put comfort over style. But sports bras have a tendency to flatten rather than flatter, and leave quite a bit to be desired when it comes to cuteness (hi, uniboob).

Thankfully, there’s the Alice Easy Fit Premium Pullover Bra. Alice is a wireless pullover silhouette in a silky-soft, no-cling fabric. Meaning it feels great when you’ve just crawled out of bed and are completely focused on your morning coffee. Or when you’re squeezing in a midday yoga session on your lunch break. And it holds up all afternoon through long hours at the office. Or as you’re grabbing a well-deserved cocktail at the end of the day. All the way up until you’re back home cuddling on the couch.

Time to leave that sports bra in your gym bag and take on the day with Alice instead.

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