5 in 5: Self Care


I’m too busy. It’s the most overused excuse of all time, especially when it comes to self care. The truth is that for most kick-ass women who juggle a million things a day (babies, jobs, spouses, friends.. we’re tired just writing this list), making time to truly care for themselves often gets pushed to the back burner. But a happier, stronger self leads to all of the other areas of your life feeling happier and stronger. So it’s time to make time. Here, 5 self care tips that take just 5 minutes each.

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1. Stretch it out. Daily stretching, even for just a few minutes each morning and night, increases blood flow which helps fight that tired, sluggish feeling and is proven to reduce stress by easing body tension.


  2. If most of your meals are spent in race-mode, set aside at least 5 minutes a day to enjoy a drink in peace. Maybe it’s a cup of your favorite tea in the morning or maybe it’s a glass of wine at night. Either way, turn off the noise of the day and sip in silence.


3. Give yourself a pep talk. Cancel out the negativity (and the internet trolls) and remind yourself of how great you’re doing. Our Pinterest board of inspirational quotes is a good jumping off point.


4. Inhale… then exhale. Light a candle or use fresh herbs and spices to oxygenate while taking in an uplifting scent. We love vanilla, peppermint or lavender.


5. Moisturize and meditate. Use your favorite moisturizer to give your face or hands a quick mini message while you allow your mind to de-clutter. Try this right when you get home from a long day at work to help transition from office-mode to home-mode.

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