15 Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Would Never Buy Herself

We’re just gonna come right out and say it: we’re mama’s girls. We. Love. Moms. Crazy about ‘em, in fact. And why shouldn’t any of us be? A lot of us at True&Co. are moms too, so we totally get that it can be both the most amazing (and exhausting) job in the world which makes us all the more grateful for these super women. 

Quick side story: it might surprise you to know that a new mom was the inspiration behind the original True Weekend Bra. A friend of True&Co. founder Michelle Lam went back to work after maternity leave wearing full-compression sports bras under her button-downs. She dealt with straps digging into her shoulders and a shapeless uniboob because a sports bra was the only type of bra that gave her enough support. Hearing that, Michelle got to work stat on creating a better a bra inspired by a mom, designed for everyone.

We’re sure you would agree that your mom or mother figure works hard to make her loved ones as happy as possible, while shelving her own wants and needs. They are the epitome of selflessness. That’s why not just any gift will do. The best Mother’s Day gifts are well-thought out, ultra-personal, and delightfully unpredictable; something mom would never do for herself. 

While not as straightforward as flowers, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift isn’t not as stressful as you think! We’re here to help with a list of fun Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll make her feel like the queen she is. 

P.S. If you’re not celebrating Mother’s Day for whatever reason (you’re definitely not the only one), check out these self-care ideas you can do to show yourself some love.

Quality Time With You

This is a biggie if you live far away from Mom or simply haven’t seen her in a while. Anyone can send a Mother’s Day card and bouquet, which is nice but not entirely personal. Carving out quality time with Mom is the best way to show how much you miss her.

Cooking Class

We all have a favorite dish from Mom’s menu. A cooking class is a great Mother’s Day gift idea that lets you connect over something you both love: food! She can show you more of her own tricks in the kitchen while learning a few new ones herself. 

Painting & Wine Class

I mean, need we say more? It’s a great group activity and at the end of the class, you’ll each have a cool memento to share or turn into a bonus Mother’s Day gift! 

Shopping Trip

Even if it’s only in the window. Mother’s days gifts aren’t about how much money you spend. A shopping trip is a fun way to walk, talk, and check out some goodies in between! You’ll get a good sense of gift ideas by seeing what catches her eye. 

Try Out a New Sport

If your mom is on the more active / adventurous side, pick out an activity you think she’d enjoy (and might even pick up!). This could be anything from golf to boxing. It’s the perfect time to try something outdoorsy too, like paragliding or wakeboarding. 

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a Girls’ Day? Do the whole shabang: blowout, mani/pedi, facial, massage the works. Throw in some champagne while you’re at it. A day of pampering will make anyone feel amazing, and with her favorite girl / gals around, she’s guaranteed to have a great time. It’s a Mother’s Day gift that’s a win-win for everyone. 

Dinner à la You

Stay in and let mom kick her feet up while you treat her to her favorite home-cooked meal. It’s your chance to show her the skills you’ve picked up while watching and helping her in the kitchen. Many moms just need a relaxing break, so a night hanging out at home with her favorite people enjoying her favorite food might just be the Mother’s Day gift she’s hoping for.

Meal Subscription

On that note, a meal subscription makes for a great Mother’s Day gift. It makes it easy for her to prepare meals and learn new recipes. And it’s all the more reason for you to go over for dinner! 

Personalized Jewelry

Put a personal touch on a classic Mother’s Day gift and give her some bling with special meaning behind it. It could be your and your siblings’ birthstones or charms that represent special milestones or moments you’ve shared. 

Game Night

Most moms love simply spending time with their family and doing things like the good ol’ days. Gather the family around your favorite games, and bring Game Night back with a boozy twist. Hello, happy hour!

A Beautifully-Made Bra

A lot of moms don’t like to spend money on themselves, especially for things like better bras and underwear. That’s where you come in! Find out mom’s size and introduce her to a new bra you know she’ll love and might even be a game-changer. We know just where to to start!

Fix Something She Needs Fixed

Step in as mom’s handyman and fix (surprise her if you can!) that thing she’s been needing repaired (or replace) but hasn’t had the time or money. The thought in this Mother’s Day gift will count for so much more than you might expect.

Donate to a Cause She Cares About

Moms love it when their kids take interest in something they’re passionate about. Make a donation in her honor to her place of worship or a charity close to her heart. That could be the Mother’s Day gift itself, or the cherry on top of whatever else you planned to make the day even sweeter.

Mom-inspired Tattoo

But ONLY if you think she would appreciate it. If you’re already tatted up or mom’s a fan of tats herself, get one dedicated to her. You can bring mom with you to get it, and maybe even let her help you pick out or create a design!

Dinner + Live Show 

Do a mother-daughter date night! Take her to a nice dinner then head to a live show (ballet, opera, musical, or play). Wining and dining mom is a great Mother’s Day idea if you want to make it an extra special treat.

Take Her On a Scenic Drive

Mom more low-key? Keep things simple with a chill drive down a designated scenic route. Map out some cool spots to check out along the way.  Plus, it’s the perfect way to get in mother-daughter photo opps.